Neon sign or decorative element

Ledflex-screen - frameless illuminated advertising or decorative element

Ledflex luminous fabric is a new and innovative advertisement material with a textile surface for stylish presentation. Consists of printed fabric mounted on an aluminium frame. The surface can be lit from the inside, and one person can easily change the front surface of the advertisement without the need for any tools.

Ledflex-screen - The front face, changed easily by one person without tools. Ledflex-screen - innovative textile surface advertisement, a new type of stylish visibility

The elegant, frameless construction of Neonelektro Ledflex products highlights the product and your logo beautifully. You can also create impressive, nearly seamless installations by connecting several Ledflex cabinets. The products are suitable for use indoors, outdoors, for recessing in walls or on the ceiling, around pillars, for standalone installations or as room dividers and pylons.


The products can be manufactured in the required size with large surfaces, in the desired colours and tinted to fit the overall installation.