Creating an effective illuminated advertisement

1. Planning


The production of an advertisement begins on a computer: with the Solid Edge 3D solid modelling software, we can either design the structure for your signage from scratch, or simply convert your material to a suitable format for our production cycle. Then, the production data is programmed to the illuminated advertising film cutter, the milling cutter and the channel letter bender.

2. Designs & front surfaces


As the most visible part, the front surface is the heart of an advertisement sign. The front surface can be made of white opal acrylic, body-tinted acrylic or front surface sheets with coloured illuminated advertisement film for long-term use.

Another option is to attach a four-colour print to the front surface, which allows the use of any colour in your signage. Our front surface department also fixes edge strips to the surfaces to fix the surface plates to the letter frames. You can also opt for aluminium fixing strips that are used with large letters.

3. Metal plates & surface finish


Our metal department will make almost any shape of sign you can think of. The department is divided into three sections: the profile section, the channel letter section and the contour channel sign and milling section, all with state-of-the-art machinery. For example, the ultramodern CN-controlled machine for manufacturing contour channel signs we acquired in 2011 produces high-precision results.

Despite the extensive use of modern machinery, we also value traditional craftsmanship; our skilled workers can manufacture even the most intricate structures that machines cannot handle. Our metal department also comprises three aluminium welding cells that assemble the structures. After the assembly, the metal structures are handed over to the next phase of the process, the paint shop.

4. Paint shop


Our new and environmentally friendly powder coating facility can handle the coating of pieces with dimensions of up to 6000 x 2000 x 800 mm. The ideal Gardobond pretreatment guarantees a high-quality finish to the products.

The line is designed to allow rapid changes of paint, optimising the efficiency of even small series.

5. Assembly


The assembly department puts the finishing touches to your signage. At this point in the process, the signs are fitted with illumination and wiring for either LED or neon lights. Then the wiring and connections are inspected and the LED modules are secured using adhesive paste.

Finally, the surfaces are attached, the sign is cleaned and the overall look is checked, before the sign is packed and handed over to our installation team.

6. Installation

Neonelektro offers expert installation services anywhere in the Nordic countries and Russia.

7. Product development


Neonelektro’s in-house product development unit makes sure that our customers get industry-leading support and advice when developing their ideas. We also invest in the development of future technologies for illuminated advertisements by participating in the OPTintegral project ( funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme.