Brilliant products draw attention

Carefully designed and realised illuminated signs are highly visible and therefore an effective, lasting and economical means of advertisement. What better way to communicate your brand to a large audience!

Below is a short description of the process of selecting the right type of illuminated advertisement for your needs and examples of different types of illuminated signs. The possibilities are numerous, and we will be happy to find the best way of realising your vision. We can also provide you with an illustration of your advertisement in its location as a part of the design process.


For accurate quoting, please send us a picture of your advertisement, such as your company logo, and a photo of the installation site. At this stage, you can send the logo as a JPG image or even as a freehand sketch. Later in the process, at the manufacturing stage the materials are required as vector graphics (file format .ai, .eps, .dwg or .dxf).